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The Most Elegant Of Materials

Soft and smooth to the touch. Be they sheets, be they clothes. There is always something about the classics that will never grow old.

For the love of style, and for sheer elegance, there is truly nothing to match the beauty that is silk fabric in Brisbane. This is a fabric that is also so versatile, that it can be used for occasions that is most significant for you, or for a casual event where you simply need to look elegant.

Walk in to our store in Brisbane, either on a whim, or subsequent to a prior appointment having been placed with us for a private consultation on a relaxed Sunday morning, and you will be able to browse through our extensive range of silk fabric swatches, and sample clothing. This is sometimes a material that is not easy to carry well, based on your body type and shape. But with a bit of tweaking, a bit of lining and expert colour selections, this is a material that can make any outfit look grand.

Woven with a high count of the finest quality threads, the materials in our store will dazzle you in every sense of the word. No matter what the garment is that you envision making or the event that you have in mind at which you need to wear this garment, we are at your service to help you in choosing the most suitable material as well as the colour and design of it to make you look and feel you’re finest. 

Whether you are inclined towards chiffons or the heavier satins, we’ve got it all.

One of the most important functions at which you would choose to wear this luxurious material would be at your wedding, the one day that you need to look and feel your finest. The belle of the ball, and the highlight of the entire event. Whether your choice is the brilliant white of a traditional wedding, or a more modern twist of pastel shades such as pinks, beiges and creams, this is a dress that needs to boast of richness and class in every aspect. At any rate, there isn’t a fabric that can match the elegance and class offered by natural materials such as our chiffons and satins.

While we know that you agree with our enthusiasm about the effect afforded by a dress finished in high quality clothing material, we are confident that you will truly and absolutely understand it only once you touch and feel them in the flesh. So come on over and experience the magic of our textiles for yourself.

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