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It is very important for one to dress according to the event. Sometimes both men and women are overdressed or underdressed. Different occasion requires a different look. There are certain events in one’s life which are quite important and it requires them to dress accordingly, some of them have been explained below:

Job Interview

At a job interview it is very important for an individual to look in their best as first impression is always the last impression. Whatever the job is, it is important for the candidate to show up in a formal attire on the day of their interview. A girl could wear a formal shirt and pair it with a pant, it’s better to avoid bright colours and go for subtle ones such as navy blue, black, and white. If it is for a multinational company then she can pair herself with a well fitted blazer because loose ones don’t look good on girls. Hair could be simple up do, and they should avoid having hair falling in face so if one has a fringe they should clip it. Makeup should be minimal with a natural lip colour and could pair up with some simple jewellery such as a watch. They should avoid wearing heavy jewellery such as heavy engagement rings and engagement rings brisbane prices. Men need to stick to shirt and pant and should have a smart haircut, make sure they have done their beard right and pair their outfit with black or brown shoes.

Best friend’s wedding

This is a fun filled event where one is busy helping their best friend with things like shopping, accompanying them to their salon and spa appointments. In some cases they are busy dancing, teaching others dance. Sometimes one get so engrossed with it that they forget to dress themselves properly and often look underdressed. So while they are having fun, it’s important they make time for themselves too. So if a girl is accompanying the bride who is her best friend to salon, she should make time for herself as well. Treatments such as facial help one to relax and get the glow for the event. On the day of wedding take some time off to dress up. Make up should match the outfit it shouldn’t be too simple or too cakey. Some people don’t like wearing jewellery that doesn’t mean they could skip it. Instead they could go for simpler options such as studs instead of long earrings pairing it with some better wedding bands. A guy needs to make sure that he picks the right outfit. Just shirt and pant would make him look underdressed for his best friend’s wedding, he should pick up full suits like a tuxedo. He too should make sure has done his hair, done the trimming or freshly shaven. A watch is a must for a boy when he is wearing formals and a minima makeup such as covering the dark circles could upgrade his look.No matter what the occasion is, one doesn’t have to wear expensive clothes to fit in, but making sure they carry themselves well in whatever they wear. In order to make sure they are not over or under dressed it’s always a good idea to discuss with friends what they will be wearing to not look the odd one.

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Selecting your accessories can be a bit tricky because there is so much that you need to think about. However, many of us do get it right even though we do tend to make a mistake now and then again. Here are some tips to help you pick the right accessories the right way easily.

Not keeping your variety quotient

The mistake of picking all your accessories in one size and one similar style is something that will not create diversity in your look. Are you somebody who prefers large accessories that are bold and daring and will create a statement or are you somebody who likes the small accessories? Accessories are inclusive of a large group of items that can range from a rose gold clutch bag to a pair of tiny chandelier earrings. What you need to decide is whether you wish to keep the look really toned down or perhaps bold or maybe even a combination of both where you can switch between the ones that you wish to depending upon the look that you have selected for that particular occasion. When you select your accessories look out for the ones that are unique and uncommon and fit well with the shape of your body.

Not having enough colour

Colour is another factor that is important for your appearance. Choosing accessories in washed out and neutral tones only will always give you one kind of look that allows no room for any difference or experimentation. Therefore it is important that you choose accessories in many different colours so that you can add many tones to the way that you look. Even when buying a purse or clutch bags, you can easily go for colour as opposed to picking something out in the same shade all the time. Even in an outfit, it will look better when the colour combination of your accessories have a subtle difference to the clothing. Check this link to find out more details.

Pushing in too much together

You must always have an idea of the kind of look that you are trying to achieve in order for you to be able to accomplish a polished final effect. If you are to throw in too many accessories that have different fashion lines or styles in them, the effect is going to be a rather confusing one. For example, if you are going for a very sophisticated and classic look, small accessories will look great with the kind of clothing that you would wear, but using this kind of clothing along with badly matched small and large accessories together will create something that has no logical flow to it.

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